1798 Circle

Milton relies on a distinguished group of donors who sustain the Milton Fund with leadership level giving.

What is it?

The 1798 Circle, named for the date, March 3, 1798, when Governor Sumner signed “an act for establishing Milton Academy,” is the School’s leadership giving society. Members of The 1798 Circle make gifts of $1,798 or more. Members are recognized in the Annual Report every year, invited to leadership events across the country, and viewed as a central component of Milton's alumni network.

Who helps it grow?

The 1798 Circle committee encourages alumni to give to the School at leadership levels. Leadership support makes up more than 80% of the Milton Fund, which provides unrestricted support for current student programs, financial aid, faculty salaries, and gives the Academy the flexibility to meet its most pressing priorities. 

The 1798 Circle Chair is Jon Zonis '83 P '15 '18


The 2016-2017 committee members are:

Mr. Jeffrey T. Barnes '72 P '16 

Mrs. Tamsen Caruso Brown '91 P '20 '22, Milton Fund Co-Chair

Mr. Thomas A. Clayton '85

Dr. Nathalie F.G. Emami '95

Ms. Jennifer M. Grant '95 P '23 

Mr. Matthew B. Hoffman '78 P '10 '12 '14 '15 

Mr. Andrew M. Laurence '93 P '25 '26 '29 

Ms. Kathryn E. Maguire '94  

Mrs. Jill Viola Mannino '93 P '26 

Mr. Michael P. O'Brien '96 P '26 '28 

Dr. Christine N. Sang '80  

Mr. John S. Serafini '94 P '27, Milton Fund Co-Chair

Dr. Dorothy Altman Weber '60 P '04 

Dr. Adam J. Wolfberg '88 P '16 '20 

Mr. Jonathan Zonis '83 P '15 '18 



Why should you give to Milton at the leadership level?


Let The 1798 circle committee tell you why...

How can you get involved?

1. Make a leadership gift

Your participation in The 1798 Circle enables Milton to preserve its special environment and maintain its competitive edge over peer schools. Join us this year by making a leadership gift right now. If you have already made a gift to the Milton Fund this year, thank you!

2. Join the committee

If you would like to volunteer for The 1798 Circle, we have positions available.

Please contact Lindsey Woods at lindsey_woods@milton.edu or 617-898-2342 for more information. 


John Serafini ’94 P '27, Milton Fund Co-Chair

I give to Milton Academy because I believe in the School’s educational environment, because I trust in the administration’s vision, and because the School needs our fiscal support to scale its growth ambitions and to provide the high quality of education its students - our successors - deserve.

Tamsen Brown ’91 P '20 '22, Milton Fund Co-Chair

As the years go by, I gain an increasing perspective on just what a privilege it is to have a Milton education. The academic foundations I gained in the Upper School served me well throughout my years in college, graduate school and the workplace. As importantly, Milton provided me the opportunity to make lasting relationships with dear friends whom I appreciate more and more as time passes. As my gratitude towards Milton grows, so does my wish to see the School thrive. With my daughter joining Milton's Middle School, the School's future has taken on additional personal meaning for the next generation of students. In particular, I would like to see Milton increase its endowment to a level that is comparable to our peer schools. Giving at the leadership level each year is one way I enjoy contributing to Milton's welfare. In addition, serving as The 1798 Circle chairperson allows me to give back to Milton while interacting with fellow graduate volunteers. Engaging with the School on multiple levels is a rewarding way for me to keep in touch with the past, present and future of Milton.

Jon Zonis ’83 P '15 '18, 1798 Circle Chair

As I was, in what in current parlance is called a "lifer," Milton was an integral part of my childhood and adolescence. While I was always fond of Milton, it is only with the benefit of perspective that I understand how incredibly valuable and unique my Milton experience was. One moment stands out - I was a first year in law school and we formed groups of eight students, and read and critiqued the essays of our peers. I had always considered myself an average writer (by Milton standards), but after this exercise I came to realize that none of my law school peers had gone through anything like Class IV English with Ms. Archibald! The gift of having utterly dedicated faculty members focused on teaching students to express themselves to the best of their abilities is one I no longer take for granted.

As my daughters have attended a number of schools, I have also come to realize that the atmosphere that Milton provides - academically rigorous yet nurturing and caring - is rare. My older daughter Charlotte is now a Class III boarder, and while much has changed (it is still a bit unnerving to think that she lives in Robbins House), the core mission of Milton has remained constant. I hope and expect that her life experience will be similar to mine - that many of the most interesting and caring friends she will have throughout her life will be those that she meets at Milton.

Jeff Barnes ’72 P '16

Contributions to the Milton Fund, at any level, help subsidize the cost of each student’s educational experience and empower Milton to provide the world-class education for which it is known. Supporting this initiative at the leadership level is a way for me to share in the ongoing development and future successes of today’s students and help them meet the new demands that our changing world will place upon them. Milton’s excellence is clearly seen through its remarkable students and faculty. However, one of the ways by which that excellence can be measured is by the support it receives from its alumni, and providing that support at the leadership level helps to ensure Milton’s continued greatness and distinction.

Tom Clayton ’85

My years at Milton were among the most formative in the broadest sense of the word – intellectually, socially, academically, athletically, etc. Milton helped to provide the foundation for a life of learning, meaning, personal and professional development, and always daring to be true. I give to Milton because I want to help the School to continue its tradition of excellence, inspiration, and impact for current and future generations. Giving at the leadership level is how I play my little part and recognize the important role Milton has played in my life.




Nathalie Goodkin Emami '95

Milton provided me with so many opportunities to discover my passions and chart my path in life. Without the teachers at Milton to challenge me and encourage me, I would not be where I am today.

I give to Milton to support the incredible faculty and the wealth of opportunities provided to the students. I give to Milton to help ensure the educational excellence that I discovered as a student. I give to Milton to ensure its future.

Jenne Colasacco Grant '95  

I give to Milton because I know that my education at Milton has enabled me to know what excellence in education is, and to therefore make that possible for the thousands of children I've worked with directly or indirectly. I support financial aid in order to expand equitable access, and to support the ways that Milton provides tomorrow's leaders with the preparation they need to lead.



Matt Hoffman ’78

I support Milton because of the teachers who were demanding and compassionate, and dared to be both.
I support Milton because of a mentor who taught me how to be a man and a gentleman.
I support Milton because no one whose help I sought ever said to me, I’m busy.
I support Milton because of all that has changed and all that has not.
I support Milton because it is one of the most valuable opportunities my children will ever have.
I support Milton because I learned how to ask a question and how to give an answer honestly, thoughtfully, and respectfully.
I support Milton because the best man at my wedding has been my friend since 6th grade.
I support Milton because it’s a risk-free investment that has always provided a high return.
I support Milton because its students will continue to make the world a better place.

Michael O’Brien ’96

I give at the leadership level to ensure that Milton students continue to have the same opportunities afforded to me. My four years at Milton were the most rewarding of my education and prepared me well to pursue my own goals. I hope to preserve these experiences, and the lifelong friendships that come with them, for all Milton students including my own daughter as she joins the Milton community as a kindergartner.

Christine ‘Mei’ Sang ’80

I am grateful for the outstanding education and opportunities that I received at Milton, inside and outside of the classroom. In addition, I made friendships that have lasted through the years and will prove to be lifelong. I support Milton because I want to ensure that current and future Milton students have the same opportunities that my classmates and I had.

Dottie Weber ’60

Milton was and still is the foundation of my education and it is at Milton that I was taught and learned to think. Nowhere have I had better teachers than those I had at Milton, not in college or in graduate school. By giving a leadership level gift, I can help others benefit in the ways that I have and, in a small way, give back to the institution that enriched my life.

Milton is a better school than when I graduated in 1960. I have seen it grow and develop into the tremendous institution that it is today, with an incredible faculty, innovative and exciting administration, a diverse (in many ways) student body, and a wonderful sense of community. It was exciting for me to see all the changes, firsthand, when my daughter was a student - Milton '04. Having volunteered to raise funds for Milton for over 45 years and giving at the leadership level (I started with a $5 gift) for as many years as I could afford, that is my way of saying, “Thanks for giving me the education that has opened opportunities throughout my life.”

Adam Wolfberg '88  

I remember my first week of college recognizing how extraordinarily lucky I was to have had a Milton education. The academic rigor, the encouragement of intellectual curiosity, and the sense of social responsibility developed over my Milton years has been fundamentally influential in my life and career. Now, I have the privilege of watching my middle daughter experience a variation on the same education, a generation later. I give to Milton so that that mission is maintained, and so other children have the opportunity to experience a Milton education, and then use it to give back to their community.