The Milton Fund is the primary way for alumni, parents and friends to support our School. By providing current use operating revenue, the Milton Fund affords academic leadership the freedom and flexibility to respond to pressing needs and promising initiatives. The Milton Fund increases the School’s ability to seize new opportunities by reducing its dependence on tuition.

The Milton Fund supports Milton life, day to day.

What does the Milton Fund do?

The Milton Fund supports the everyday needs of the School: everything from financial aid to faculty salaries, from test tubes to paintbrushes. Your gift to the Milton Fund helps to ensure that Milton can provide a top-notch education to all our students. Donors may restrict a gift to faculty support, financial aid or the School’s greatest needs through the Milton Fund.

Do I have to make a gift of a certain size to participate in the Milton Fund?

No! Gifts to the Milton Fund come in all sizes. Last year, gifts of $1,000 or less combined to raise almost $700,000 in support of Milton. Participation in the Milton Fund, with a gift of any size, shows your support of Milton’s mission and your commitment to educating students who “Dare to Be True.”

What is the difference between the Milton Fund and Dare: The Campaign for Milton?

The Milton Fund, Milton’s annual fund, provides current use budget relief dollars for the School’s most pressing needs. The Milton Fund is one of the four pillars of Dare: The Campaign for Milton, which encompasses all kinds of philanthropy. For most donors, the Milton Fund will be the primary way to give to Dare. Others will give through planned or endowment gifts, but all donors are encouraged to support the annual needs of the School through the Milton Fund.

What is Milton Loyal?

Milton Loyal recognizes donors who show their devotion to the School through repeated annual giving to the Milton Fund. Membership in Milton Loyal is automatic, and there is no minimum gift to qualify. Members of Milton Loyal include:

  • Anyone giving to the Milton Fund for three or more consecutive years

  • Alumni giving to the Milton Fund every year since their graduation

  • Parents giving to the Milton Fund every year since their child’s acceptance to Milton


For example, members of the Class of 2016 will join Milton Loyal with a gift to the Milton Fund during the current fiscal year, even if it is their first-ever gift to Milton.

What programs are available to donors interested in making larger gifts to the Milton Fund?

Donors giving $1,798 or more to the Milton Fund are welcomed to the 1798 Circle, the Milton Fund’s leadership society. Additionally, the Milton Fund offers the Milton Fund Scholars Program and the Milton Fund Faculty Program for donors looking to make a significant commitment in the areas of financial aid and faculty support. Please contact Liz Dixon-Eversole, Director of the Milton Fund, at 617.898.2374 or to learn more about how you can support Milton through one of these programs.


What is the 1798 Circle?

The 1798 Circle, named for the date, March 3, 1798, when Governor Sumner signed “an act for establishing Milton Academy,” is the School’s leadership giving circle. Members of The 1798 Circle make gifts of $1,798 or more. Members are recognized in the Annual Report every year, invited to leadership events across the country, and viewed as a central component of Milton’s alumni network.

Within the 1798 Circle, the Milton Fund recognizes donors of different levels through our giving societies.

The 1798 Society. Members of the 1798 Society generously support the Academy’s highest funding priorities with a gift of $1798 - $4,999.

The Sarah Storer Goodwin Society. Named to honor Milton Academy’s first Principal of the Girl’s School, the Sarah Storer Goodwin Society recognizes donors who sustain the quality of a Milton education with a gift of $5,000 - $9,999.

The Edward H. Robbins Society. Named to honor Milton Academy’s founder, the Edward H. Robbins Society recognizes donors who ensure Milton’s continued excellence and distinctiveness with a gift of $10,000 - $24,999.

The Centre Street Society. The Centre Street Society recognizes donors who preserve the Milton difference with a gift of $25,000 - $49,999.

The Head of School Society. The Head of School society honors donors whose generosity enhances every facet of campus life with a gift of $50,000 - $99,999.

The Dare to Be True Society. The Dare to Be True Society honors philanthropic Milton Fund leaders who make a profound impact on all aspects of Milton life with a gift of $100,000 or more.


What is the Orange & Blue Circle?

The Orange & Blue Circle recognizes leadership-level gifts made by recent graduates and Class I students. By supporting the Milton Fund, alumni help sustain the quality of a Milton education and develop the next generation of leaders. Members of the Orange & Blue Circle are in the classes of 2003-2017 (all classes pre-15th Reunion) and make gifts at the following levels:

  • Classes of 2003-2007: $750 or more

  • Classes of 2008-2012: $250 or more

  • Classes of 2013-2017: $100 or more


Is my Milton Fund gift counted toward my class goals and participation?

Yes, all gifts to the Milton Fund count toward class goals and class participation.